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Sarah Haak

Sarah Haak (pronounced “hawk”) came on board in the summer of 2015, bringing with her a background in media, marketing and advertising. She previously worked in radio production and most recently with Comcast Spotlight as a Marketing Specialist. She spends her days assisting customers, finding new customers, and making ChocolateCovers look good through website and social media development. Sarah hails from north Georgia, loves a good glass of red wine and loathes the northern winters (hence the need for wine)! She lives in Hershey with her husband Rusty, their two kids Teagan and Ronan, and their two dogs.

Where I find my inspiration: Music.. and my mom.

Most-visited website: Probably Facebook since I’m so far from family

What I'm reading now: My reading material these days consists of whatever articles I click on in Facebook – with 2 little kids it’s hard to find time to settle into a good book! Same for TV shows… but I won’t miss The Walking Dead.

What I sing in the shower: Whatever the Disney song my daughter is singing that day is probably a safe bet.

Something you don't know about me: I have seen Butch Walker live in 6 different states (Google him, he’ll change your life).

How I take my coffee: With half & half – no frills no flavors. But no milk.

You won't find me without... My iphone

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